Join Our Journey

My son’s art in October of his kindergarten year. (Astronaut, ship, suit)

This year, my youngest is learning to read. He is currently in kindergarten, and he is buzzing along with the process of reading just fine. He’s not zooming ahead of his peers, nor is he lagging behind. I’m guessing at a certain point, when his brain is developmentally ready to fully comprehend and retain the knowledge required of a more fluent reader, his reading abilities will make a giant leap. I’ve seen this before. Until then, however, I want to find resources to help him remain engaged in the process of learning to read. As I hunt through our home collection, the local book stores, and the library trying to find texts to support his growing abilities to read, I’m inviting you to join our journey. My idea is to share the books we have enjoyed or those that helped him figure out a specific word or skill.

That’s it. Nothing major, except that I have spent countless hours perusing the stacks and I thought it would be nice if I shared my findings with others. I hope this will help at least a few families get ideas for great reading materials for their kids. Enjoy!

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