Alphabet Books

Alphabet Everywhere by Elliott Kaufman

I have seen other alphabet books that consist of photos of objects that look like letters. Those I’ve seen are similar, and they’re all pretty engaging for new learners as well as adults. I liked this book, in particular, for a few reasons. Elliott Kaufman is an architectural photographer, so the photos are exceptional, and the book featured five photos of each letter instead of just one. My son and I have already made our own photographic alphabet book by taking photos of objects we have found in our environment. Because of this, he was pretty skilled at finding letters before we perused these photos, but I feel like the multiple examples of letters Kaufman included in the book might really inspire young readers to start a letter hunt. My son and I really liked the additional information in the back of the book too. In the index, Kaufman has listed where he found each photo. There were a few that were mysteries to us, and it was fun to be able to make guesses and see if we were right or even close.

The Alphabet From the Sky by Benedikt Groβ and Joey Lee

Using aerial photographs, the authors invite readers to hunt for letters in the lakes, trees, roads, and buildings. Filled with multiple examples of each letter, this book is sure to be enjoyed by those beginning to learn the alphabet as well as by alphabet experts. Fun, fun, fun!

A My Name is Alice by Jane Bayer

This book is based on a playground game the author played when she was a girl. We did not read the entire book. After reading a few pages, my kids wanted to try it on their own. Made a great waiting game in the car. It would be fun to try to play the game (explained in the back of the book) after practicing a few times. For those kinesthetic learners, it might just make something click!

Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman

A perfect alphabet book. Simple text. Amazing photography.

If Rocks Could Sing: A Discovered Alphabet by Leslie McGuirk

This alphabet book is amazing. Not only has Leslie McGuirk patiently found rocks in the shape of every letter of the alphabet, but she also used rocks to illustrate the book. For example, the B page features a rock that looks like the letter b and another rock that looks like a bird. Wonderfully done. Make sure to read the blurb that gives the details of her hunt.

Pigs From A to Z by Arthur Geisert

Pigs From A to Z can be enjoyed on so many levels, so it’s easy to look at again and again. The story is basic. Seven piglets build a tree house over the course of one day. The first 10 or so times we looked at the book, we didn’t even read the story. We just looked because there is so much to see. The machines the piglets use to get the job done are fanciful and right up my future engineer’s alley, so much time was just spent wondering about how this or that machine worked. Then there are the pigs to count. Each page features 7 piglets, and though many of them are easy to spot, some are not. The letters are even more hidden. Each page (except A and Z) features 7 letters total – 5 of the featured letter and one each of the letter that comes before and after the featured letter. As I said, there is much to take in with this book. It’s a great one to keep in the car now and then. When rides get long, this book will keep them busy.

Q is for Duck: An Alphabet Guessing Game by Mary Elting and Michael Folsom

This book is perfect for kids who know most of their letters and sounds. They get a charge out of trying to figure out what the authors are thinking. After a couple examples, most kids are excited to guess what word the authors really meant when they make their incorrect assertions.

Other Notable Alphabet Books

  • ABC Dream by Kim Krans
  • ABC Zooborns by Andrew Bleiman
  • A is for Salad by Mark Lester
  • Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson
  • The American Museum of Natural History ABC Books
    This is an entire series that includes the titles: ABC Universe, ABC Dinosaurs, ABC Birds, ABC Animals, ABC Oceans, ABC Insects, and ABC Rainforest
  • Animalia by Graeme Base
  • Bang! Boom! Roar! : A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs by Nate Evans
  • The Beetle Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta
  • The Hidden Alphabet by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
  • The Turn-Around, Upside-Down Alphabet Book by Lisa Campbell Ernst
  • Whatley’s Quest: An Alphabet Adventure by Bruce Whatley and Rosie Smith
  • Z is for Moose by
  • 8 An Animal Alphabet by Elisha Cooper