Level B

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text Word Families
Happy Cat by Steve Henry No 3 all, and, he, in, the, to, up, was, went, were Somewhat
Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle No 5 have, is, my, not, seen, this, you Yes
How Many Fish? By Caron Lee Cohen No 6 away, go, how, in, little, many, one, the, their, they, where ,why Yes
I Have a Garden by Bob Barner No up to 8 a, all, for, have, I, in, is, many, my, of, this Yes
I See and See by Ted Lewin No 4 and, I, see Yes
Pig Has a Plan by Ethan Long Yes 4 a, has, to, wants Yes
Stop Pop by Harriet Ziefert No 2 none Yes -op
Up by Joe Cepeda Some 1-4 a, go, I, look, see, they, up Yes
You Can Do It! by Betsy Lewin Yes 4-8 can, did, do, it, not, one, two, yes, you Somewhat

*The following titles have not been professionally leveled. I consider them appropriate for most Level B readers.

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text Word Families
Ah Ha! by Jeff Mack* Yes 2 None Yes
Billy & Milly Short & Silly by Eve Feldman (listed as a Level A, but seems at least Level B) Yes 2-3 None No 12 families including -ack   -at and -op
Colors in the Jungle by Kristina Rupp* No 6 blue, green, in, purple, red, see, the, we, yellow Yes
Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack* Yes 2 bad, good, very Yes
Look by Jeff Mack* Yes 2 look, out Yes -ook
Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett* No 1 to 13 and, me, see, some, to, we, went Yes
Mountain Gorillas by Traci Dibble* No 7 here, is, the, with Yes
Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett* Some 4 there Yes
Tall by Jez Alborough* Yes 1 small Yes  -all