Level D

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text Word Families
Bears in the Night by Stan and Jan Berenstain Yes 2-12 around, at, between, down, in, of, out, over, the, through, to, under, up Yes
Bears on Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain Yes 3-6 again, five, four, none, on, one, ten, three, twenty, two Yes
Cat Traps by Molly Coxe Yes 1-8 a, gets, no, some, wants Yes -ack, -at, -ig, -og, -uck
I said, “Bed!” by Bruce Degan Yes 1-17 I, all, can, for, go, is, no, said, so, this, to, yes No
Look! By Ted Lewin No 4 a, an, boy, look, plays, reads Yes
Mary Wore Her Red Dress by Merle Peek No 9 color words Yes
Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Pam Adams No 5-8 a, and, had, he, old, on, that
Quick As a Cricket by Audrey Wood No 6 a, all, and, as, got, I’m, it, me, together, you’ve Yes -ick
Snow Joke by Bruce Degen Yes  1 to 15  but, everyone, go, good, have, house, it’s, just, let’s, liked, not, on, said, some, that, that’s, was, went, where, who  Yes  -un (funny, bunny)
The Beak Book by Pamela Chanko No 3 to 8 all, big, brown, can, down, in, is, open, red, small, that’s, this, together, two, up Yes -all
The Chick and the Duckling by Mirra Ginsberg Yes 5-12 am, another, for, going, he, I, me, not, of, out, said, taking, the, too Yes -ick, -uck

*The following titles have not been professionally leveled. I consider them appropriate for most Level D readers.

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text Word Families
Bats and Birds by Jayson Fleischer* No 3 to 8 20: a, all, and, are, at, can, have, here, in, is, like, live, look, lots, no, of, the, they, this, to Some
The Chocolate Tree by Traci Dibble* No 4 to 12 24: a, be, big, can, come, down, for, get, go, has, have, in, is, it, little, lots, of, on, see, the, this, to we, will Some
Giraffes Like to Eat by Matt Reher* No 2 to 12 29 including can’t, down, have, here, little, look, lots, she, they, this, of, will, to Some
Gran on a Fan by Kevin Bolger* Yes 3 to 15 25 including more, much, of, said, say, that, want, was No 9 easy word families
Hot Dog by Molly Coxe* Yes 3 to 6 are, boy, girl, go, how, in, is, mom, no, not, play, the, too, way Yes -ig, -og, -ot
I Can Help by David Hyde Costello* No 4 I, can, I’m, thank, you, can’t, have Yes
No Nap! Yes Nap! By Margie Palatini* Yes 3 to 20 big, good, look, more, no, now, says, see, to, yes Yes -ap, -ook
Red Sled by Lita Judge* Yes 1 to 6 none No
Smick! By Doreen Cronin* Yes 1 to 3 go, good, no Yes
Which is Round? Which Is Bigger? By Mineko Mamada* Yes 8 do, is, one, red, what, which, you Yes
You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang* Yes 1 to 12 all, am, are, big, I let’s, like, me, not, see, small, they, you Yes -all