Level F

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text
A Pet for Pete by James Dean No 5-20 over 35 including another, can’t, going, I’m, knows, now, picture, pretty, says, sure, want, what, with No
Aaron is a Good Sport Yes 1-10 about 25 including again, down, everything, many, out, some, sure, they, those, to, too, two, will, with No
Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli No 4-10 a, for, good, his, in, is, more, one, play, small, this, to, up, wants, yellow Yes
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell Yes 5-14 a, an, big, he, him, I, me, so, the, they, thought, to, too, very, was, wrote Yes
Drop It, Rocket! By Tad Hills Yes 2-20 about 25 including are, find, good, have, little, love, new, our, ready, their, they Yes
The Lady With the Alligator Purse Yes 10-20 about 20 including came, could, down, said, was, went, with, wouldn’t Yes
The Teeny Tiny Woman retold by Jane O’Connor Maybe 5 to 20 about 25 including again, asleep, before, called, some, soon, through, walked Some
Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins Yes 3 to 7 12 including across, around, for, over, through, under, went, got Yes

*The following titles have not been professionally leveled.

I consider them to be approximately a Level F.

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text
Rat Attack by Molly Coxe* Yes a, and, anyone, are, for, give, here, I’m, is, me, my not over say says she some that the this to we who’s you Yes
Shrinking Mouse by Pat Hutchins* No 4 sentences over 25 including across, any, before, didn’t, I’ll, their, thought, want, you’re Yes
Stick by Steve Breen* Yes again, during, finally, really, through Some
Wet Hen by Molly Coxe* No 4-10 I, can, says, is, are, give, does, by, forever, look, day, the Yes
Where is Pim by Lena and Olof Landstrm* No 4 to 11 a, any, but, doesn’t, either, gone, is, looking, more, no, that, that’s, the, to, too, wants, where Yes