Level E

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text
Big Egg by Molly Coxe Yes 3-8 a, all, are, big, has, is, it, loves, my, no, not, one, run, says, small, some, the, this, yes Yes
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs by Bob Barner No 3-8 I, all, around, by, go, in, me, much, of, out, see, so, that, the, to, want, when Yes
Fish Had a Wish No 4-20 I a and be could from good have if one said stay take that to were what with yes Yes
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Yes 5-10 a, five, four, good, her, his, it, jumped, jumping, little, more, no, now, off, on, one, said, so, their, then, three, tookm two, was Yes
Go Dog Go Yes 1-30 around 40 Yes
Jack and Jill and Big Dog Bill Yes 4-20 and, all, at, down, go, more, no, not, say, says, so, the, they, up Yes
Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm by Joy Cowley Yes 5-10 all and are away be by bye cries for from got her here in is I’ve more Mrs. My old over say the this to we where won’t Yes
Night at the Zoo by Kathy Caple Yes 3-11 15-20 Yes
The Big Fib by Tim Hamilton No 5-17 around 20 No
The Lion and the Mouse Yes 2-10 and, at, big, but, can, even, follows, go, help, his, I, knows, little, me, not, now, opens, says, starts, that, up, will Yes
What Brothers Do Best/ What Sisters Do Best by Laura Numeroff No 5 to 10 a, all, but, can, do, help, how, love, of, on, play their, them, there, to, when, with, you Yes
Where’s Spot by Eric Hill No 5-11 be, behind, can, hasn’t, he, he’s, his, in, inside, is, that, the, there’s, under, where Yes

*The following titles have not been professionally leveled.

I consider them appropriate for most Level E readers.

Humor # Words per Page Sight Words Repetitive Text
Are We There, Yeti? by Ashlyn Anstee* Yes 5 are, we, there, yes, this, is, he, our, where, going, how, not Some
Brown Bear or Black Bear by Heather Warren* No 3-14 47 including all, are, as, baby, black, brown, do, eat, for, has, have, here, home, how, little, live, make, not, of, over, some, they, this, what, with, you Some
Cat the Cat Who Is That? by Mo Willems* Yes 6-8 as do friends have hello her hi I is it’s like maybe new no that the there who Yes
Fun With Ed and Fred by Kevin Bolger* Yes 3 to 32 53 sight words, most difficult: come, down, find, good, have, here, must, there, want Yes
Stuck in the Mud by Simon Calcavecchia* Yes 1 to 15 about 25 including again, brought, don’t, know, right, some, where Yes