Nearly Wordless Picture Books

These books can give beginning readers a sense of accomplishment at the earliest stages. With three words or fewer in the entire text, most kids will feel confident enough to chime in or read them on their own after hearing them once or twice.

Humor Words Used In Book Storyline
Hug by Jez Alborough Yes hug, bobo, mommy Bobo gets lost and wants a hug. Elephant helps him find his mommy. Also try Tall and Yes by Alborough.
Lost. Found. by Marsha Diane Arnold Yes lost, found Bear loses a scarf. A number of other animals find and then lose the scarf, eventually ruining it. Bear sets them all to work helping him and they all make a new scarf to share.
Open Up, Please by Silvia Borando and Lorenzo Clerici Yes thanks, aaaahhhh! Different animals want the reader to open their cages (lift the flap). They say thanks until the reader opens up a flap to let out a snake. They all run away screaming, “Aaaaahhhh!” and on the last page the reader gets one last, “Thanks.” Not for the faint of heart.
The Last Laugh by Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey Yes hiss, hee hee, quack A snake keeps scaring other animals until the tables are turned on him by the most unlikely of suspects.